Responsibility and Charity

Our goal is not to primarily make each child subsistent, but to make each one teach others what he/she learns per time.


We are looking for teachers who would be able to engage the students both as facilitators for the vocational education and as educators for the formal education. Volunteer-Teachers and Partners are needed for seamless running of the project throughout the duration of the pilot dispensation.

We need facilitators who would dedicate some of their times to teach these students with the aid of educational technologies, systems and revolutionary materials that would stimulate and arouse their creativity and keenness in solving problems.


To increase the reach and the effectiveness of each project, partnership with individuals and organizations with aligned goal/agenda will be needed for the purpose of synergy.

And we hope that quite a number of interested establishments and individuals will see this project as a worthy cause to pursue for the purpose of making the tomorrow brighter right from today.

Also, partnership with schools, communities, corporate bodies and individuals (as volunteers and financiers) as well as parents would increase the rate of success of the project.

Education and vocational outfits would be partnered with in terms of absorbing and providing internship opportunities for the students.

Our work is resource-based which suggests that Crowdsourcing would be geared towards being recipients of created systems, devices, machines, human (skills and expertise) and material resource


One of the major responsibilities for ensuring the success of the project is donation and provision of materials and facilities to strengthen and increase the efficiency of communities for the purpose of creating a learnable, conducive and healthy environment for the community.

Our work is resource-based which suggests that Crowdsourcing would be geared firstly towards being recipients of created systems, tools, devices, machines, human (skills and expertise) and material resource.

The project in turn, would also need donations from individuals and corporate establishments. In this case, the project does the work of proper distribution of resources according to the needs. This will increase the rate of earning trust . . . trust becomes the moving force rather funds.

Also, the level of exploration of 3D Technology would be a revolutionary step we are willing to take. As a result of these factors, donation of 3D Printers and related devices will help in revolutionizing the recipient communities.


  • Sewing machine
  • Desktop Computers
  • Carpentry Kits
  • Painting Kits
  • Camera
  • Sets of Utensils
  • Leather Materials
  • Clothing Materials
  • Wood and Planks
  • Paints
  • Learning Materials
  • Educational Systems and Resources
  • 3D Printer
  • Generator

The project is an open international project but the pilot programme would be executed locally.


This is in kind and in resources i.e. what we expect is the innate and outward development of the students within 6months of the project’s commencement. By this time, they would not only learn how to offer value but also how to express themselves according to their created value.

After a year, they must have been producing elements that people will love to buy because of the value offered. This is where the project begins to generate funds back into the system. Also, the students will begin to earn stipends even as they are learning more and offering value in the process.


Beyond earning for value offered, sustainability is our priority . . . after the slated 3.5years; we believe that a few among the students would continue with the project as facilitators and educators as they will be under supervision and continuous tutelage on how to pass knowledge across to others.

After 6years of operation, the Centre would have been fully functional and self sustaining producing people that are self-sufficient in creating values and communicating these values.


We are not going to bypass the involvement of the community in which each DEEP Project is piloted. We are employing a participatory approach which will involve the active involvement of the local school teachers, community leaders and the youths.

We will plan, work and create value together with the community!