The little beginning

It all begins during my stay in a village called Okuzzu as National Youth Corp Member where I serve as a mathematics teacher in a secondary school. I realized that the children and youths have little or no meaningful access to standard and quality education. Then I thought that there should be a systemized educational system or platform created with the aim of reaching out to students in unreached and underserved areas; a system that will expose them to both vocational and formal education.

The Birth

This is why we have been burdened to start-up The DEEP Project Initiative; gearing towards unearthing values and potentials in individuals, communities, and giving them space and platform to explore these values and potentials as they are being refined and empowered towards a noble and beneficial for themselves and the society at large

Working Together

Although everyone is the same by nature, nurture differs especially in terms of Discovery,Education, Exposure and Projection. Our belief is that despite diverse backgrounds and multiplicity of differences, everyone is valuable as much as the next person

Pilot project

As part of The DEEP Project’s endeavour to even out nurture, A Educational Pilot Project has been initiated and it simply entails syncing/combining vocational and formal education in the bid to reach out to kids/youths that do not have means to complete their secondary education or failed in one way or another to proceed to post secondary institutions. And to show our commitment to evening out nurture, we are planning to explore the enormous possibilities of the use of 3D Printer called G-Print Box built for us by Global Print Initiative through Gabriel Medina.

The location

Our location for this Pilot project is Community Basic School, Oyalami in Ibadan, Nigeria. As the name of the initiative implies, our focus is to reach each individual and community from the core which is why we have decided to use an existing centre for education as the operating base.

Olumuyiwa Omole

Lead Initiator, The DEEP Project Initiative

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