My name is Hina Mistry, a graduate of Biomechanical Engineering and an active volunteer with The DEEP Project Initiative – an initiative dedicated to reaching out to underserved and unreached communities in Africa and across the globe. The first pilot is set to be initiated in Nigeria.

My DEEP story begins with meeting Olumuyiwa Omole through Open Biomedical Initiative. We worked on a 3D printed prosthetic foot project with a diverse team from India, Italy, and America. As a team, we gave the project the name RAM (Rise And Move). It is an open 3D prosthetic foot design that is meant to be affordable and accessible to all people around the world.

I took my working relationship further with Olumuyiwa by partnering with him as regards being one of the Lead Volunteers for The DEEP Project Initiative in the areas of Innovative Technology, Education and Health together with Kapil Panchal of India and Andrew Weppner of Australia. Although DEEP Project is relatively new, I am positive that it would bring the change needed in the unreached and underserved communities, especially in Africa

Presently, DEEP Project’s collaboration with Global Print initiative, USA has led to the design and fabrication of a 3D Printer by Gabriel Medina who is the Lead Designer and President of the same organization. The cost of production of the 3D Printer is $280USD and it is packaged to be shipped to Nigeria where DEEP Project physically operates.

The idea is to use this printer to produce as many prosthetic designs courtesy of OBM and also to produce more G-Print Box Printers designed by Gabriel Medina of GPI. The 3D printer is meant to be used solely in the area of Educational Technology so as to stir up the creativity in the communities reached by the initiative.

3D printer

Presently, DEEP and GPI are encountering the financial constraint of shipping the packaged 3D Printer from Greenville, Texas where GPI is based to Ibadan, Nigeria where the DEEP Project operates from. The cost of shipping and other miscellaneous fees have been calculated to be $500 USD (which converts approximately to $700CDN).

All that is needed is a donation worth of $500USD for the purpose of shipping the 3D Printer on time for DEEP’s Project’s pilot in Nigeria.

On the alternative, we would be glad if anyone can help with the responsibility of receiving the package and send it directly to Nigeria. We are equally open to all other alternatives that would ensure that the 3D Printer is delivered to The DEEP Project Initiative in Nigeria.


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